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I started this post a few days ago, writing to explain why I haven’t posted quite as frequently in the previous two weeks. I was writing to say how I was doing more legal work, which was good, but it was also time consuming. Piled atop my other job responsibilities including my mom job, there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I was holding steadfast to my 1/2 hour or 45 minutes in the morning for a walk or a run, so posting had to take a temporary back seat and for that I was going to apologize. I was going to tell you how exciting it was to be planting the seeds of a law office and watching how things bloom and seeing a new direction in my life. I was going to say all of that.

Then on Saturday evening, as fate and my own clumsiness would have it, things changed. I lost my balance while walking a dog (not my own) and took a header off the top of a flight of stairs directly onto some gravel — did I mention face first? Yeah, ouch is right. Diagnosis – fractured nose. Lots of cuts (thanks to my glasses which didn’t really resemble glasses when it was all said and done) and bruising. A sore neck and a sorer wrist. Right now, I resemble a cross between a chipmunk and a prizefighter –neither of them is a good option.

While it was definitely not my plans for Saturday night, I am trying to look at the upside. I could have lost my front teeth (which I momentarily thought that I did), broken my jaw or even worse broken my neck. All of those are a whole lot worse than what happened, although what happened definitely sucks. For those of you that know me, let’s call it the Tammy Falls Across America-Birthday Edition and leave it at that.

For now, I apologize in advance if you don’t hear from me for a few days….typing with one eye almost swollen shut and without glasses since 1) mine are attempting to be fixed and 2) the bridge of my nose is where it is broken and swollen, so glasses don’t sit very well anyway isn’t too pleasurable.

Today I ventured out with a hat and sunglasses in a very incognito starlett fashion and it occurred to me that I don’t own sunglasses big enough to hid this. Damn you eyeglass fashion industry with your small frames!


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