Today was one of those days. Hormone challenged, sporting a migraine for the last couple days and an aching shoulder, I have felt pulled in every which way by work projects, the boys, commitments outside of work and the things I would like to be doing but don’t seem to have the time to do. I hate those days, when I can’t shake that mopey feeling. It has been a few rather crazy and stressful days with work. Throw in the back to school routine which has not yet solidified for all of us and the inability to get out and exercise because I feel guilty  about all the stuff I need to get done and I am not at all a happy camper. I have felt tugged and pulled and have spent a good deal of today on the verge of tears for really no apparent reason.

Imagine what a nice surprise it was to get a nice email this afternoon from a someone I don’t know about an article that I wrote last week and was published today.What made it even nicer was to get an unexpected (and unnecessary) thank you call from a friend about the same article. I wrote it about her son on the one year anniversary of his death. It was a nice part of an otherwise not so great day for me. I am glad that my heartfelt words last week impacted people enough to allow them to reach out to me when I also could use a kind word.

Since I write this particular column every week, sometimes I forget exactly when the article I wrote was published. This particular article was my own personal way of reaching out to a friend at a time when I hoped she could feel and appreciate the good vibes I was sending. Wrapped up in a somewhat crazy week, I totally forgot that the article came out today.

I am a firm believer that good karma eventually comes back to you. Do something nice because it is the right thing to do and it comes from your heart and someday, when you least expect it (and may need it most), it will come back to you. Today was that kind of a day.

Thank you!

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