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Sometimes we are so self-centered and wrapped up in our own lives that we forget. We forget that as miserable as our day may be because we have a million different things to do or a tough project or a dreaded appointment, there are others for whom the day is even more difficult. We forget that their difficult day makes our day pale in comparison. All those things that we bitch and moan about are so trivial when you look at the bigger picture.

English: A Peafowl flaring his feathers. Franç...

English: A Peafowl flaring his feathers. Français : Un paon faisant la roue. Basa Sunda: Merak midang, mébérkeun buntutna anu warna-warni. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is one of those days. A friend and fellow mom is dealing with the one year anniversary of the tragic death of her son. I can only imagine that the projects on my to-do list and the worries in my heart today pale in comparison to her day today. I remember hearing the news and literally shaking. One of my son’s friends had tragically taken his own life and life for his family will never be the same. As a mom, I send good thoughts and prayers her way today since words are inadequate to convey my feelings.

For those of you who know them, please take a moment to pause and remember today. While we all surrounded them with love a year ago, it is important to remember that their loss and their grief remain one year later.

Thoughts, prayers and hugs go out to Cindy, Dan and Ben on this difficult day.

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