There is something to be said for taking the boys on vacation. It is definitely entertaining. They are a force to be reckoned with and their incessant teasing of each other, makes for some great entertainment for Tom and I.


There’s the gang together waiting for dinner…..


TJ’s ever changing facial expressions amused them….



Ian took advantage of some “green space” to chill out waiting for a ride home from the beach.






One of the most hysterical things was when the other boys placed lots of chips and pieces of bread on a sleeping TJ at the beach … with a lot of hungry seagulls hanging nearby…. while they simply stood there falling over laughing….






There was some summer reading for school…..




Tim sporting his new shades…..

But it has been apparent that Alex has been quite popular with the girls during the trip (in the under 5 age group) ….fighting over who is going to sit next to him.