A few weeks ago, when I was picking up my veggies at the CSA, I saw a poster for local poultry. Turns out that it’s my fellow book clubber, Robin Gordon Taft and her husband Scott that are selling fresh chickens, ducks and turkeys. Yesterday we bought two fresh killed chickens from Pine Hollow Poultry in North Clarendon. We brought them home, one went into the freezer and the other we dutifully brined and set to rest in the fridge according to Scott’s directions. Tonight, we had some of the most delicious chicken we have had in a very, very long time. As we were savoring the chicken for dinner, we were discussing the broth that this would make tomorrow and how much we really liked their birds. I must admit that I immediately remembered my grandmother and how when I was little she and my grandfather would go and get fresh killed chicken. I remember sitting at the table watching her cut up the fresh chicken to freeze it or make it for dinner that night. This chicken not only tasted delicious but also brought back some very fond memories of growing up and my grandparents.

Nostalgia aside, I highly recommend checking out their website. Scott and Robin told us that they always have frozen birds for sale, but on Saturday, we ran into her at the farmer’s market and Robin said that Scott was butchering birds that day, so if we stopped by later, we could have fresh birds. They will be selling soon at the Rutland Farmer’s Market.

I think that I have an idea where our Thanksgiving turkey is going to be coming from…….

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