I just wrote my article for next week’s Rutland County Express on the amazing work that the Conservation Commission and volunteers have done on the hiking trails throughout the park.

In order to do my job properly (with pictures and all) I had to stop there and hike around. It is so neat. Tim came with me and we especially liked the boardwalk and the really cool steps that they made leading from there onto the rest of the trail. Amazing to believe all the hard work to lug the lumber into the bog area to construct the 100 foot boardwalk. There are marked trails and lots of educational signs posted throughout with information on the local flora, fauna and creatures.

If you are in or near Wallingford — or if you come for a visit– head on over. Then you can always go swimming at Elfin Lake!

A word of warning though — the mosquitos are quite hungry, so bug protection is in order!

Thanks to the folks at the Wallingford Conservation Commission and the volunteers who made this all possible with their hard work!