We have arrived. After a very long journey we have arrived at the last week of school. The last week of intentionally waking up at some very ungodly hour to get kids up and out. The last week of yelling to get sleepy kids out of bed. The last week of being the deli at 6 a.m. Not that I mind any of those things (okay, well some mornings I do mind) but I think about how sooner than I’d like, there will be no one to wake for school and no one to make lunch for early in the morning.

That means onto summer — see my personal feeling is that despite what the actual calendar says — summer begins when kids are out of school and falls starts when they return. I know that we are still a week or so away from “actual” summer and fall doesn’t come until right around when my birthday rolls around each year but still — it must be the perpetual student in me that lives by the school calendar.

So… Happy Last Week of School to you!