We are looking into summer programs for the boys at colleges that they are interested in attending. As I am browsing the various websites I can feel the panic setting in. It is the same panic that I remember from when they were like 4 or 5 and I was trying to plan a birthday party out at a Discovery  Zone or one of those places. Almost, but not as bad, as planning my own wedding. I remember that feeling when I started looking, about a month and a half before their birthdays (the two older boys’ birthdays are close to each other) for a birthday party place. Places were booked, filled, out of commission for months. How could this be? I came to the realization that I needed to plan their parties not a month or more ahead but a half year or a year ahead? Who, in this world, has that kind of time or more appropriately, time management skills? Certainly, dare I say, not I. With some luck and flexibility we were able to plan the party and all was well, but not without a great deal of anxiety, stress and guilt on my part. How could I be such a bad mother?

Fast forward a dozen years or thereabouts and the same guilt, stress and anxiety are taking over. Who would think that I would need to submit applications for most pre-college summer programs before winter vacation? In my naive state, I once again believed, incorrectly for the most part I might add, that months would be sufficient for a July program, not 6 months or more. Luckily not all of these programs have such early deadlines for applications, and many of the ones that do are just not within reach for one reason or another anyway, so maybe, just maybe we will be all set. Time will tell. I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe I should start perusing graduate schools for application deadlines now — before the boys even start college. –Just to be on the safe side.