I came across this on Food In Jars website  which is a pretty cool website about…well…food in jars. Canning, pickling, storing, preserving… all that need stuff that you feel compelled to do when you live where I live because everyone else is doing the same thing. Marissa over at Food In Jars was talking about a Kickstarter idea that she donated to that came to fruition and it is quite ingenious. It is a BPA-free plastic lid for mason jars that allows you to “shake, pour and store” from your mason jar. The lid is called reCap and it is available for sale here.

It permits you to use your mason jars as a pourer without removing the lid which makes it a much more user friendly drinking container for those who use their mason jars as such or for pouring salad dressings or other liquids out of the mason jar without making a huge mess. Pretty cool, huh? i think I might have to grab a couple of these — according to reCap’s site, if you buy three or more, shipping is free.

Photo: reCap Mason Jars