Today is the second day that we woke up to it snowing. Yesterday, at some points it looked more like the middle of February rather than the middle of April. Literally, it was snowing so hard you couldn’t see and the snow was accumulating — the grass was covered as were all the lawn furniture and flower beds. Mother Nature is either a bit backwards this year or she has a really weird sense of humor. Perhaps she is just in perpetual April Fool’s mode this month. Either way, not much seeing the humor in it.

My poor seedlings might never see the light of the outdoors if this keeps up – might as well turn the sun room into the garden this year. The wood stove is still blasting away here. If you didn’t look at the calendar you might not believe that it is in fact April. Oh, don’t get me wrong, we’ve had April snowstorms — real storms where we wound up with inches if not a foot or more of snow — but after a very mild and snow-free winter for the most part it really is very anti-climatic. We are ready for the nice weather, we are ready for the shades of color that come along with spring — we are not ready or happy about waking up to snow showers instead of rain showers.



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