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Happy Gilmore and Groundhog Day are two of our favorite movies. Both of these movies are funny and have pretty universal appeal. Both DVDS are well worn in our house. Either can make you laugh even when you don’t much feel like laughing. That, in my opinion, is one of the signs of a good comedy. You laugh — a lot in spite of yourself. That being said, I personally am by no means a Bill Murray fan. Oh, I know there are lots of you Bill Murray fans out there, but sadly I am not one of them. If I had to pick one of our favorite comedians, easily around here we lean toward Adam Sandler. His films are funny, but funny in the “guy sense” of the word – simple comedy, you know it’s coming but you still laugh when the punchline hits. Sure, there are those that say that Sandler movies are predictable comedies, but what is wrong with predictable comedy? It’s nice to throw a movie into the DVD player and be able to sit back, relax, munch on your popcorn and just enjoy the movie and laugh. Laugh because it’s funny, laugh because it’s silly, just plain old laugh. There is nothing wrong with laughing– in fact we could use a whole lot more of it in this world. A good belly laugh is priceless– think about it. As an aside, it’s also good exercise since you move a lot of muscles when you laugh.

When you live in a house of men, like I do, there quite honestly aren’t many chick flicks being watched. I’m not a big horror movie person (they scare me and not in a good way) and while there is some good sci-fi out there, there’s a lot that just isn’t worth watching. Comedy, on the other hand, well — that’s pretty universal, it appeals to the little ones who may be hanging around visiting, the teenagers and the adults. Therefore, when we sit down together as a family to watch a movie, chances are it’s a comedy.

I think that we’ve seen just about all of Adam Sandler’s movies — Happy Gilmore and Mr. Deeds being two of the favorites around here. While Billy Madison, Grown-Ups and The WaterBoy weren’t quite my personal cup of tea, but they certainly had the boys rolling around on the floor and that, well, that kind of laughter is just plain contagious.

Sandler, who hails from Brooklyn, just across the river from where we lived in New Jersey, sports a boyish charm that just makes his comedy and even his romance believable and appealing. His comedy is different from the slap-stick of Jim Carey which I don’t always find amusing and honestly isn’t quite good enough to fill up an entire movie. Sandler’s boyish charm, combined with his gift for being funny, is what was great about both of the romantic comedies that he starred in with Drew Barrymore and made them work. The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates are two “chick” flicks that have made it through with the seal of approval from the men in the house — on more than one occasion — thanks to Sandler’s humor. The duo of Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler clicked and together they make those films just plain cute as well as funny.

I have to admit that Sandler’s “Grow Old With You” song hits a chord someplace in my heart whenever I hear it.

Sandler’s lastest release, Jack and Jill is set for home theater release this week. While his female star in this film isn’t Drew Barrymore, there has to be some type of good belly laugh involved in Sandler playing both the male and the female stars — and isn’t laughing what it’s all about?

By way of full disclosure, I was selected to write this post. 

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