Evidently, I am not the only one who has difficulty with auto correct in text messages. Yes, it’s handy to help shortcut a text message that you are typing, but when it messes up, it is annoying. In Georgia, it caused a full school lockdown when someone erroneously received a text message that read “gunman be at West Hall today”. The recipient of the message did not recognize the number the message came from and alerted authorities who immediately locked down West Hall high school. It was determined, after a two hour full lockdown, that the message was an autocorrect mistake. The author of the text message typed “gunna be at West Hall today” admittedly not the best grammar but definitely not killer caliber, which auto correct determined should be “gunman” instead of “gunna” on the author’s new cell phone.

When the error was determined everyone breathed a sigh of relief particularly in light of the recent high school shooting in the news. 

Damn, auto correct.