Vacation is over — the week came and went pretty quickly considering. So did the company that came along with the week off. We had some family here that had to leave earlier than expected due to a family illness and some other friends who came for a couple days on a bit of a last minute excursion. Family that was supposed to visit us this past weekend wound up canceling due to sick children. It has been a bit of whirlwind, especially in light of the fact that the pain in my head and eye that I had been experiencing off and on which culminated in some wonderful ear ringing turned out to be sinus infection. The antibiotics and my digestive system are battling it out and I am stuck somewhere in the middle of all of it.

The “big” snowstorm we were supposed to get on Friday turned into more ice than snow, although we do have a six foot snowman in the front yard that Tyler and his friend built at midnight when we got back from a hellacious trip home from Massachusetts. It was not fun, not one bit, but the snowman, well it’s pretty awesome.

Now, we’re back to the grind. Back in the swing of things and all that jazz.