I bet that you think this post is actually about the Superbowl. It’s really not. It’s just that Superbowl Sunday was always our favorite driving evening. Our trips home from Vermont on Superbowl Sunday were peaceful. We would coordinate our “kickoff” with their “kickoff”. No one is on the road. No one. It is borderline creepy, actually. Everyone is always wrapped up watching the game, drinking to the game, eating to the game, yelling at their televisions — that no one is every really on the road. There was no traffic and it was a usually pretty traffic-free drive. Even the police for the most part seemed to have somewhere indoors to be on Superbowl Sunday.

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Driving the boys home this afternoon, and seeing the various houses with cars accumulating in their yards, I smiled to myself. Yes, this was “our” day to travel — Tom and I — great conversation, low stress driving, we didn’t need to scream at a television.

And as for the actual Superbowl — here’s my Superbowl rant.  I really haven’t forgiven the New York Giants for playing all these years in New Jersey and still having the nerve to say they are from New York — seriously, a little respect for Jersey, please. At least the New England Patriots are actually in New England.

‘Nuf said —- Happy Superbowl Folks — scream away at your televisions and enjoy.

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