One of the things that I like about Vermont is that we’re so darn cute. I came upon a notice from the State that they are looking to name two of the new camping cabins at Woodford State Park. So, what are they doing? The State is holding a Cabin Naming Contest. Serious.

The two winners will get to spend two nights in their “named” cabin and the cabin will sport their photo and a framed write up for the entire season.

The catch, if you can call it one, is that the cabins have to have the name of a native Vermont flower. The other two cabins have already been named and are Gentian and Trillum so you can’t use those names.

Deadline is March 1st. Send your entry to: with “Cabin naming contest” in the subject. In the email include your name, address, and your names and explanations by March 1, 2012. You can also mail entries to us at 103 South Main Street, 10 South, Waterbury, VT 05671.

For more information here’s the press release

— now hit the books!

Cute cabins, aren’t they?

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