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Today is the day that we rely upon an animal to advise us on our weather forecast. One has to wonder where this stuff comes from? Here we are a civilization that can’t tear itself away from its technology, electronics and obsession with gadgetry and we are relying upon a groundhog or woodchuck to prognosticate as to our weather situation. Don’t we have gadgets and gizmos to do that? Don’t we have degree-bearing meteorologists who are supposed to tell us what the weather will be like going forward? And yet, here we are in 2012 relying on whether or not a groundhog sees its shadow to tell us if we can expect an early spring or hunker down for six more weeks of winter.

I personally have no problem listening to a groundhog…after all how wrong can he or she be? The weather forecasters don’t get it right a lot of the time anyway, so let’s give the old groundhog a try.

Personally, from the groundhog’s point of view, I am sure that the poor creature is wondering what the hell all of these people are doing outside of its burrow. It’s probably also wondering if they could please keep down the noise, because they are disturbing the poor creature’s rest.

Punxsutawney Phil, the world re-known groundhog from Pennsylvania around which the Bill Murray movie centered is predicting six more weeks of winter. His competitors around the country, well some of them say differently.

In any event, it is entertaining as is the movie.

Whether you have more winter or you have an early spring headed your way…….Happy Groundhog Day!


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Sometimes you come across a bit of news that makes you think — what were they thinking?

Here in Vermont evidently the prisoners were tasked with the job of printing up the new decals for the State Police vehicles. The decals which are printed in the Department of Corrections print shop were noticed recently to contain a slight deviation in the design that contains a cow in a field.

Here is the original design:

One of the inmates thought he or she would insert a little of their own artistic flair to the decals. If one looks carefully, one of the spots on the cow has been revamped to represent the shape of a pig, as noted below. Needless to say the troopers are not happy at the derogatory police referenced inserted on the 16 inch door decals. Some of the decals have already been placed on vehicles. New decals are being printed and will replaced the altered images. Someone, I gather, is not in good graces and their artistic rights may very well be revoked.


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