There is a Mexican woman who is an attorney and has transformed herself via body modification into a Vampire Woman. According to the news reports, 35-year-old Mexican attorney Maria Jose Cristerna was a domestic violence victim and began the transformation as a result of her abusive relationship. Now, she is known as Mexico’s Vampire Woman and has 98% of her body covered with tattoos. She reports that the horns she had implanted are a symbol of strength and were implanted in her head without use of anesthesia and the prosthetic fangs were done because she loved vampires as a little girl. In addition to being an attorney she is also a tattoo artist and says that tattooing is her way of being immortal by placing tattoos on other people’s skin which will be there after she is gone.

I don’t know what type of law she practices or what they say when she goes into a courtroom, but seriously, implantation of horns without anesthesia — she’s one tough chick.

Imagine the look on opposing counsel’s face when she walks into a room.

Here’s a picture of before and after —


For more photos see this link.

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