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There is a Mexican woman who is an attorney and has transformed herself via body modification into a Vampire Woman. According to the news reports, 35-year-old Mexican attorney Maria Jose Cristerna was a domestic violence victim and began the transformation as a result of her abusive relationship. Now, she is known as Mexico’s Vampire Woman and has 98% of her body covered with tattoos. She reports that the horns she had implanted are a symbol of strength and were implanted in her head without use of anesthesia and the prosthetic fangs were done because she loved vampires as a little girl. In addition to being an attorney she is also a tattoo artist and says that tattooing is her way of being immortal by placing tattoos on other people’s skin which will be there after she is gone.

I don’t know what type of law she practices or what they say when she goes into a courtroom, but seriously, implantation of horns without anesthesia — she’s one tough chick.

Imagine the look on opposing counsel’s face when she walks into a room.

Here’s a picture of before and after —


For more photos see this link.

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This morning was beautiful — windy like crazy but blue skies and sunshine with about 4 inches of new fluffy powdery snow. I headed out this morning for a walk. In total I walked about 2 1/4 miles – uneventful, lots of fresh air. It wasn’t until I hit my driveway (literally) that I fell on the ice that lurked under the newly fallen snow. No big deal, got up and brushed myself off and headed indoors. Shortly thereafter, I went out with Tom to take care of the animals. As we were walking back, again — boom. It was one of those now you’re standing, now you’re laying flat on your back having smacked it against the ice (and damn, ice hurts). My hat went flying off my head.

So, see it’s true — most accidents do happen very close to home.

Chalk it up to another episode of Tammy Falls Across America – The Vermont Edition.

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