Seems like this winter has settled into a pattern. Not a good pattern either. We seem to have snow, which usually ends as the much dreaded “wintry mix” reminiscent of our New Jersey days, then the temperatures skyrocket to above freezing so everything melts and then just when we’re ready to put on our muck boots, it all freezes once again into an icy, slick mess. This morning yesterday’s several inches of sleet and slush has frozen into a wonderful skating rink. It’s a sneaky one though since the apparent “snow” (figure it’s safe to walk on, right?) is actually ice too. Sneaky, sneaky stuff going on with the weather.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the weather isn’t supposed to be especially snowy but it is supposed, according to to be bitterly cold and a “brutal winter with snow and cold”. Ahem…. meterologists out there perhaps you should look out your windows once in a while. It has not been brutally cold (maybe by Florida standards, but not Northeast standards and there certainly has been much in the way of snow.

We were commenting that about this time last year, we had snow coming out of our eyeballs and we couldn’t see out the porch windows due to the accumulation of snow. Not so much this year….

We need to do some serious snow dancing around these parts — spoons under the pillows, inside out pajamas, come on people whatever it takes to get some snow going on….


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