Kinda Depicts How I've Been Feeling Lately

I admit it, lately I’ve been lazy about posting. Actually it hasn’t quite been laziness as much as just not feeling well. The cold/virus/alien that hijacked my husband three weeks ago and he cannot shake is playing a nice game of hide and seek with me — know you feel incredibly miserable — now you don’t. As a result, I have felt less than optimal and more like incredibly — here’s a big word for you — crappy. Lovely, descriptive word isn’t it? Pretty much sums me up these past few days. When I wake up I feel like I haven’t sleep at all, no matter how much sleep I seem to have gotten. The nasty bug is merely playing cat and mouse with me, enjoying the teasing but not coming in for the kill. Oh, I am sure that it will happen — at some incredibly inopportune time — just not yet.

In the meantime however, there are those things that you cannot halt just because you feel crappy — like work, picking up, dropping off, feeding and generally taking care of the children (okay so they are not quite children, but they are pretty darn needy), laundry, feeding those kids — well you get the picture. Life marches on…..the only small corner of my world where there is some type of discretion is here — in blogosphere. So, this is what has taken the brunt of me feeling crappy. I’m sorry. I need to write as much (well probably more) than you need to read my writing, but it just hasn’t worked out that way. So, I’ve trudged on, avoiding things that I can and doing the things that I have to — and as my husband pointed out with all kinds of affection looking pretty “chic” in my fuzziest of pjs at night with a scarf wrapped around my neck (fashion people take note!) because my neck and ear have been achy.

So, much more politically correct to say that I have been lazy about my writing than to say that I have just been feeling crappy — but I know that you now understand. Now, to take my head that woke up pounding away like the little drummer boy, and go take some Advil.

Have a good day.