Danger Will Robinson!

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The words that are familiar to all those of my generation who remember the clunky robot who befriended a young boy and kept him out of harm’s way on their adventures.
Dick Tufeld, the voice we all remember so well, as Robot from Lost in Space has passed away. While he was quite famous for a lot of other roles including Fantastic Four and Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, he will always have a place in our hearts for his famous phrase from Lost in Space as well as some of the other more amusing ones – such as “That does not compute” and “Dr. Smith is a bubble-headed booby”.

B-9 Environmental Control Robot

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Tufeld, who died at his home at the age of 85, reprised his vocal role of Robot as recently as 2004 for an episode of The Simpsons and starred as the Robot’s voice in the Lost in Space 1998 feature film.

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