Tom and his dear friend Louis are the same age and share  the same birthday. Every year, our families try really hard to celebrate the guys’ birthdays together, a tradition that dates way back. Their joke is that they are brothers of different mothers and our families are very close. It is always great to spend time together and through the years see our children grow from infants into men and women. Their oldest daughter, our goddaughter, just turned 18 almost a week ago and I don’t think any of us will forget the birthday we celebrated the year she was born.  The guys were turning 30 and we planned a wonderful surprise birthday party. Their daughter however had other plans and decided that a day or two before the scheduled surprise party would be a wonderful day to enter the world. The only problem is that her mom, my dear friend, was the one responsible for dealing with the restaurant by her house where we were holding the event. The news of their daughter’s birth while wonderful caused me to have a small nervous breakdown. The party went down as planned, minus my co-conspirator who was still in the hospital.

Since then, the years have blessed us with many opportunities to spend their birthdays together, laugh a lot and remember how lucky we are to have such dear friends to grow old alongside.

Here are some recent birthday weekend celebration photos:



Previous years




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