I believe that when you hear about something uncommon from two different places, it must mean something. This morning when I read my friend Patty’s blog Where Did The Time Go? she was discussing the fact that this weather is reminiscent of sugaring season – that wonderful time of the year when our maple syrup for the whole year is produced. The warm days above freezing and the cold nights gets the sap flowing and the result is very, very sweet. The problem, as Patty remarked, is that this weather shouldn’t be happening now, it’s reserved for closer to the end of the winter. Her post reminded us that while we all might be basking in the sunshine, warm weather and lack of snow now, there will be consequences, which may be not so sweet later on — like a lack of maple syrup. I trust her opinion, after all she sugars and is very familiar with process and its ups and downs.

That is why I thought it was blog worthy when several hours later and states apart, as I was walking into Hannaford, another person — a complete and total stranger — commented in passing to another person (and loudly) about how the weather was great sugaring weather, just not at the right time of the year.

Weird, isn’t it? I mean I know I do live in the land of maple syrup and all – but still two very different sources and places with the same comment in the same day.


And sad, since we do love our maple syrup.

Come on snow!


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