We’re home after a great few days in Quebec City for our anniversary. It was something that we never do — the last time we took a real trip just the two of us away, away was in 2002, so I guess you could say we average every 10 years.

Nonetheless, we are back to the normal daily grind. The one thing that being away is good for, besides an escape from your daily grind, is a reminder that your daily grind isn’t so bad. Much like children, sometimes it is the routine that makes things safe and secure and well…..reliable. Not routine like in a rut, because we all have those, but routine, like knowing what to expect and looking forward to it.

Besides, when we are away from the boys….we miss them. I think a little away time does everyone some good. They might appreciate us a little more and we are a little more patient and tolerant when everyone gets a little bit of space.

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