Quebec City is very quaint. I understand why a lot of the travel reviews describe it as very European. The streets in the Upper and Lower Village are mostly cobblestone with little automobile traffic, although they are open to vehicular traffic. It seems, however, that most folks take to this area by foot. Lots of little shops, lots of restaurants. To some extent we think that it reminds us of Whistler Village when we were there for our honeymoon. It, therefore, seems appropriate. It has been snowing off and on while we were here, and the streets are mostly snow covered. Seems that winter here is, well, just winter — everyone is walking around, bundled up, with snow boots, hats, scarves and gloves and no one seems to mind. Last night it was supposed to be -23 degrees F below zero. You can understand the need for lots of layers and a good pair of boots. Especially when you need to walk outside to get dinner. You travel fast and there is no dilly-dallying. Getting back to the hotel room is a nice, warm treat.

There are a lot of stairs and hills. Definitely no excuse to getting out there and walking off your dinner because almost everywhere you go involves an uphill and/or at least a couple dozen stairs. A sort of Lake Tahoe/San Francisco meets Dudley Do Right — since a lot of the shops feature dead things. People who are anti-fur definitely should not visit, they would be shocked and disappointed.

Those that like vegetables might also be a bit disappointed since meat, especially beef, rabbit, duck and pork as well as potatoes and cheese seem to be the staples of the food here. We are trying pretty hard to find some salad (as in a whole meal type thing, as opposed to a few leaves of greens attached to the meat, cheeses and potatoes. Perhaps its just a winter thing, perhaps its not. What we’ve had is delicious, just a big difference from our normal diet of more veggies than meat.



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