We woke up this morning to snow, a decent amount of it about 8 inches on the ground and more falling still from the sky. So, as someone recently said perhaps this is going to be the theme of the holidays this year, snow on the eve of each.  Suits me just fine. We had snow the evening before Halloween and then snow on the Eve of Thanksgiving, round it out with some snow on Christmas Eve and I’ll be one very happy little camper.

Needless to say we were feeling a little conflicted around the Heffernan house today….preparations for  Thanksgiving were beginning to feel a little like Christmas.

It of course didn’t help that one of the boys decided it was time to make some cinnamon buns and in order to do that we needed Christmas music playing in the background.  In addition to the cinnamon buns we took a stab at homemade jelly doughnuts.

Proofing by the woodstove.

The finished product……..