Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts.  We are ready for take-off. That’s right. We are officially one week away from Thanksgiving and the  start of the “official” holiday season. Note, that the commercial holiday season started sometime during the end of summer I think judging by the fact that Christmas music was blaring before Halloween in some places and winter clothes are pretty much going on clearance and it’s not even winter yet. If you don’t get to the store soon, you won’t be able to get this summer’s bathing suits because I am sure that they are going to coming full circle to next fall’s outfits fairly shortly.

The past week or so around here has been crazed to say the least. More crazed than normal, which for those of you that know me, says a lot.  Let’s just say upfront that I haven’t been at my best. Too much to do and quite honestly I am feeling run down and exhausted. A sore throat at the beginning of last week kicked things off on a wonderful note and it has not been fun since then and I still don’t feel back to normal. Throw in the mix the week before the high school play with two kids involved in that process and my head is just spinning. Add some teenage attitude and two kids with colds and well….you get the picture.

Tomorrow, company is a-coming. The MRU play is tomorrow and Saturday evenings — Tim’s high school theater premiere (Ta-da).

Company will be fun to catch up with and relaxing even though I am cooking the Thanksgiving dinner here in a week.

Full speed ahead…….