Patience is a difficult thing to teach children. It is hard to tell a two-year-old bounding with energy that she has to sit and wait for something. Similarly, when children become teenagers, it is likewise difficult to exercise patience – both for parents and teens. It is one of those things that unfortunately and hopefully, comes with age and experience.

Patience is the companion of wisdom ~~ St. Augustine

Speaking of patience, I engaged in one of the ultimate tasks of patience — planting fall bulbs. I planted well over one hundred  bulbs in the last few days. A task totally without any form of instant gratification. All those little bulbs are nestled deep in the soil, covered over with mulch and waiting, patiently, for their time to bloom. No visible sign to substantiate the work.

Patience is the key and will be the reward. Unless some chipmunk has its way in the interim, I will be rewarded in the spring with some beautiful flowers. All good things come to those that wait.

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