The time change would stress me out as a child. I was always fearful, especially in the spring, that I would be late. I have issues with being on time, can you tell? I was always afraid that somehow the clocks would get screwed up and things would be out of sync and …..well anyway you get the idea, I gather I was a bit of a neurotic child. When the clocks “fell back” in the fall, it was always a different things, much less stressed out, much more relaxed. If time got messed up, the worst that could happen was that I would be the one that was early, and that was so much more reasonable in my little mind.

Grandfather Clock Face

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Now, time seems to have taken on a different dimension in my life. I’m usually the one to change the clocks so I can rest easy knowing that it’s done and for the most part, everything electronic resets itself. Getting the extra hour of sleep on a fall morning is great, especially when our plans worked out that we have no particular place to be this morning, we attended mass yesterday afternoon and we therefore have planned for a lazy day. Laying in bed for a few extra minutes and not feeling stressed about anything…..a good way to start a Sunday morning.

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