Today was parent teacher conference day. When you take three kids and you multiply that by even just their core classes – you get a whole lot of parent teacher conferences. Hours of the afternoon, well actually almost all of the afternoon, even if those conferences are only in 15 minute intervals.

I find it interesting to hear how these teachers see and describe each of our boys. Interesting to hear how they are perceived differently from how they behave at home. Not bad, just different. Our perception of them and someone else’s perception. There are commonalties but there are also differences that sometimes catch you by surprise. For instance, I remember one year when a teacher commented about how quiet one of the boys was in class. Timid, subdued, barely says a word – her perception. Mine – where did they put the “off” button on this child? He must have at least come with a mute button, right?

As a parent you often hear and hope that your children behave differently (read: better) when they are out of your presence, at another friend’s home in different surroundings. It is always informative when you hear how they behave outside of your presence. It is interesting when the person telling you spends a significant amount of time with your child every school day.