Time does not change us. It just unfolds us. ~ Max Frisch

My how they’ve grown. I was looking through pictures to find a good foliage picture for an article I was writing for the Rutland County Express and I realized just how much the boys have grown and changed –dare I saw morphed into little (well not so little) men. You sometimes don’t really realize the drastic changes until you compare pictures.

In 2008 my guys looked like this:

In 2009 almost exactly a year later they looked like this:

And then 2010 rolled around — same time of the year…..

And just a couple weeks ago, I snapped this picture when we were in Montreal:

All three of them now tower over me, not that that is so amazing after all look at my hubby. Hard to believe how much they’ve grown up in what seems like a blink of the eye. They are unfolding into such handsome young men.