When we got our first chicks several years ago, there was one chick that seemed more personable than the others. More attached to Tom. More curious. It clearly was happy to be around us.

As the chicks grew, it became evident that the curious chick was a rooster. He turned into the biggest of the chicks and the largest of the three roosters that we wound up with from the 25 chicks we ordered. Since he was so much larger, he was affectionately named Chickenzilla.

Chickenzilla had beautiful coloring and was a majestic bird. Comically, his affection for Tom was never taken over by his “rooster” side. When the other rooster, Chili, who has a definite mean streak would go after Tom, good old Chickenzilla would come to the rescue, effectively putting Chili in his place, which was clearly, not the one in charge.

Sadly, we discovered poor Chickenzilla dead when we got back from the weekend. He had aged beyond his years, showing signs of some neurological issues and we often joked that he was “retired”, happy to sit around in the chicken yard, not doing much of anything during the latter part of the summer.

He was a rooster like no other. Rest in peace, Chickenzilla, you will be missed.