Mice with different coat colors.

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As I stumbled from bed this morning, still almost asleep myself with the beginnings of a cold infiltrating my head, I woke the boys as I do every morning. Then I headed downstairs to start making lunches. This morning, I was making banana chocolate chip muffins for breakfast with some overripe bananas we had on hand. As I am mixing the batter, across the floor scuttles something dark and fast and definitely furry……

Yikes! A mouse. Just the thing I needed to see to start off my Monday morning.

Logically, this is the time of the year, when it gets cold at night that any of us here in the country tend to start seeing field mice. They are trying to get their little furry butts into somewhere warm and I cannot blame them, it’s cold out there. We had a frost last night that turned the entire field next to us white. This morning I had to rub my eyes twice to make sure that it wasn’t snow, that’s how frosty it was. Anyway, I deviate from my point. I intellectually have no problem with their desire to get indoors….just not my home. It is already occupied, thank you very much.

Field mice are considered one of the more intelligent of the rodent family. If they are that intelligent, perhaps they can find alternate housing arrangements. Perhaps the country mice can go visit their city cousins…..now there’s a good idea.

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