It has been a LONG week.

One of the reasons is that all week I have somehow thought I was one day ahead, thinking it was Wednesday when it was only Tuesday. Go through that for a whole week and it seems like it has been at least two.

The other reason is that Tom has been traveling on business this whole week. Not that anything horrible has gone on or the boys have been terrorists — in fact quite the opposite they have been great with the exception of  one night leaving me alone at the table to eat dinner and have a fine conversation with myself…well, okay maybe I was talking to the dog, but the only reason she was around was hoping that I was feeling pathetic enough to share my food with her; otherwise I am sure that she would have hightailed it out of the room as well. It’s just that when he is gone it gets lonely around here. It’s like being off kilter, things just don’t seem right when there’s only one of us around.