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True understanding is found through compassion ~~ Yogi Tea Wisdom.

I often remember being told as a child, that you should not make assumptions about others based upon your first impression; that one cannot truly understand another until you have experienced what the other person is going through. Hence, the Native American proverb – “Do not criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his moccasins”. I try to teach my boys the same thing. It is quick and easy to make fun of someone or criticize someone without actually understanding. Empathy is a solid character trait, one that will serve you well through life if you take the chance to embrace it.

Can we honestly pose that we understand what someone is going through, unless we have been there ourselves? Take for instance, death. Can one who has not lived through their own grielf honestly understand the depth of the grief and loss suffered by someone who has lost a parent, a spouse or even worse — a child?  It is only with the depth of understanding that we can offer compassion which is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a genuine desire to alleviate it.”

Sometimes the “Yogi Wisdom” printed on the label is really noteworthy. Just a thought on a dreary, chilly afternoon.



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