Hat’s off to all you single parents out there. I say it every time that Tom travels, which he hasn’t done for any significant length of time for a few months. He’s out of here this week and that means I’m flying solo. Always seem to appreciate having another parent around when you’re the only one. Not to mention that the calendar seems a bit easier to navigate when there is another person around.

Started the week off by taking the boys to the gym for 1 1/2 hours. Everyone was sweaty and happy when we left. Good work, men!

Tom’s parents are visiting this week, so technically I’m not entirely the only adult around. But I am in the person in charge of animals of the feathered, furried and scaled kind. So let’s see, in addition to the three human kids, I have the three furry kids (with the horns, no less which Phoenix seems intent on putting in my side), the tank of scaled pets (which are probably the least work) and the feathered variety –mature (not so much trouble) and immature (they insist on knocking down and dancing on the thermometer we put in to make sure that they don’t become little rotisserie chicks instead.