Unlike a lot of people here in Vermont, we lived about 6 miles from New York City on September 11th, 2001. It was a scary day for anyone who lived or worked in or near Manhattan, maybe a little more so than here in the country. We didn’t need to turn on televisions to see the World Trade Towers burning and collapsing, we could see it live from where we lived. When I turned on VPR this morning, they were replaying audio from emergency services that day. It sent chills up my spine. We lived it, we were relatively in the midst of it, it is seared into our memory. I do not feel the need to hear the horror of that day over again. I think that if I feel that way, the people who lost loved ones that day must feel sick when they hear that day played over and over again.

Many lives were lost and for many people their lives were changed forever. My heart will always go out to those people but I don’t think anyone needs to hear it and see the tragedy of that day repeatedly.

None of us will, or can, forget.

The media doesn’t need to insult us by reminding us.

Mourn the losses but don’t relive the tragedy. Remember and pay tribute to those who perished.

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