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As we were driving back from our little jaunt in the woods (since on the way back I was fairly confident that the ATV was not going to tip over and crush me to death) this was the view. A different perspective from a different place other than in our driveway.


Tom and I headed out on the ATVs to see how the trails around are looking. After a rocky ascent during which I was re-thinking my eager desire to accompany him, we arrived at the Cabin.

In addition to the dozens and dozens of dragonflies we were mesmerized watching, looking down you cannot tell that Irene was here at all. It was a beautiful view from above.

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Here are some pictures from Wallingford Pond Road and Chapin Road in East Wallingford. These are two roads down the street from us.

I couldn’t be happier to see my friend Kara of Evening Song Farm at the Rutland Farmer’s Market this morning! Kara and Ryan were able to pick tomatoes prior to the storm and of course they were already drying their onions, shallots and garlic in the barn, which thankfully wasn’t damaged.

They are maintaining a very positive attitude with the help of such great community support. I was heartened to hear that they are undertaking the task of moving forward with the same veracity to which they attended their crops.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Evening Song Farm is a 3 acre farm owned by Kara Fitzgerald and Ryan Wood-Beauchamp in Cuttingsville. They purchased the property just a little over a year ago and have put their heart and soul into turning the land into a community supported agriculture farm. Their farm which bordered the Mill River was forever changed by Irene. The course of the river literally changed and now runs through what was their bountiful farmland.

Here is a video where Kara and Ryan show the devastation to their land.

If you are inclined to help, please visit their webpage on how to donate to their rebuilding effort.

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