To say that the last few days have been trying for people in Vermont is most likely an understatement. The hum of generators was replaced by the rumble of dump truck after dump truck going back and forth bringing stone and gravel to free up our trapped neighbors. Then, power came back and within hours DSL and phone were gone. Communication cutoff. All of the emergency construction evidently is playing havoc with the fiber optic lines and they were cut in several places. Phone and internet are back…but who knows for how long. Life here is different since Irene. More complicated, would be a good assessment. It is not easy to get from here to anywhere. Everywhere involves a trip at least twice as long as normal and the destruction along with way seems surreal.

All of it pales however when you consider that our community lost a child night before last. The tragedy of that loss far exceeds the loss of things around us. Things can be replaced, people cannot. Words do little to express the depth of sadness that has enveloped this town and the school community. I would not even pretend to comprehend the loss suffered by his family.

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to them.