So, thankfully we are okay up here on the hill. We have good friends and neighbors and we’re making the best of a bad situation. I keep reminding the boys that we are inconvenienced –no power(they are saying it could be two weeks), phones come and go and limited road access — but we still have a house and our lives. Many here were not as fortunate.   Part of our road down has been made passable by the efforts of the town road crew and local folks so at least residents can get out if needed. The roadway headed down from here toward Route 103 is completely gone so that is going to require way more than a truckload or two of gravel and some equipment.

Friends on Facebook have been circulating pictures of the damage all around us, a lot of which is absolutely horrific. We hear parts of Route 7 headed to Rutland are completely gone. Killington lost its base lodge, this was the picture online today. Many of Vermont’s beautiful covered bridges were ripped away by the flood waters.

Lots of work to be done to repair roads and build new bridges. It will be a while before things return to “normal”.

Photo: Rutland Herald

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