Sheer destruction. We haven’t even gotten the winds yet, they are just kicking in now so power will be soon to go no doubt. Just as well, there is nothing but destruction around the state to see anyway. Our road has quite literally washed away in both directions, rendering all the families that reside here captive until the storm passes and repairs render at least one part of the road usable. The pictures of the devastation around here and around us is incredible.

My boys were complaining that they were stuck here — I pointed out that on the up side they were here as opposed to some that are unable to get to their houses or no longer have a house.

Sugar Hill Road heading toward Wallingford/Route 140.

Sugar Hill Road East Wallingford

For those of you asking, we are okay. Trapped for now it appears and without power, but we are safe which is far more than a lot of other people can say this morning.  We are hearing about people suffering a lot of loss. We are lucky. Inconvenienced, but very very lucky.