We are in Maine this week on vacation. I look forward to being by the ocean, although the weather this week has not been super-cooperative. There is something very meditative being by the ocean and listening to the waves lap the shoreline, watching the water ebb and flow and seeing the shoreline either slowly recede or grow depending upon the tide. It is peaceful. It makes one think of oneself and your place in the world. Gazing out upon the water, you cannot help but think about how inconsequential we are in the world. One of my favorite things is to walk along the shoreline, with the waves tickling your toes, enjoying the smell of the ocean air. Even better if it is done with company.

Yesterday we spent the day up in Kennebunkport, wandering around enjoying the shops and the sights. Today is a less than perfect day, misty and gray. A good day to set off and explore some area that we have not yet tackled.

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