It is interesting how one’s perception on one’s self can change from day to day. There is definitely an emotional element to it. If you are happy and having a good time, chances are those glimpses in the mirror are met with a smile back and very little self-criticism. Other times, when something is nagging at you or you are not happy for whatever reason, the image that stares back at you in the mirror is often met with criticism and dislike.

Are we really all that different from one day to the next? Can the person who looked good in that outfit yesterday and met you with a smile in the mirror really be the person who thinks today that she is too….(insert your own derogatory adjective here)? Perhaps the only thing that changed between the two instances is the emotional state of the person doing the looking.

Our emotional state of mind is so critical to our happiness, our health  and the way that we present ourselves to the world. We are much harder on ourselves than any outside force can be.

Smile….be happy and laugh…. and you’ll be amazed at how much better you look to everyone….including yourself.

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