The boys are embarking today on a week-long backwoods canoeing adventure in the Northern Woods of Maine. Let’s put it this way – they will be 8 hours from here with no phones, no computers, no connection to the outside world for the better part of a week.

They have done this before, although on their own and not with an organized outfitter, so this will be different from their last trip two years ago in several different respects. All their equipment (canoes, paddles, etc.) will be provided to them when they arrive on base and they will finalize their actual route when they get there (depending on weather, conditions, etc.)

Basically, they are going to Maine to canoe, but they really don’t have a clue themselves exactly where they are going.

Being the mom, I’m nervous, happy and jealous — all rolled into one — I’m sure that they are going to have a wonderful trip — and we’re childless for a week.