Photo from | By Eric Blokland

Even in the most modern of times, old fashioned can be good. I read about this a while ago when it made the local news here in Vermont, but evidently yesterday it made national news via Reuters. Vermont has an initiative to have the entire state connected via high speed internet by 2013. That is a mighty tall order if you’ve ever traversed the state. There are some remote locations and some people that do not want bulldozers and heavy machinery making a lot of noise and spoiling the great outdoors. Consequently, Vermont has looked backward to move forward.
Fair Point communications is reverting to literal horse power in order to lay some of its fiber optic cables in some of Vermont’s most remote locations. Draft horses like Fred (above with his owner Claude) are being used to bring the modern day magic of the internet to Vermont and this is nothing new. Claude and Fred have been at this gig of helping to lay lines for about thirty years. Talk about one step backward to move ahead. Who would ever have thought that good old fashioned horse power would be what is behind Vermont’s push to move from the bottom to the top of the list for most networked states?