You are not connected to the internet.

That was the message that flashed on my laptop screen after my computer and the ether digested my long winded post that I had just written. I desperately attempted to get it back, but no… was gone. WordPress was kind enough to keep just the title of post, just enough to remind me that I should be annoyed, and mostly with myself.

See, we have two wireless networks in our house, and my computer was in the other room where it, most obviously, was connected to the internet. Then, I took the laptop and moved across the house and I must have become “unconnected to internet”. Since I exited and then re-entered cyberspace, my words vaporized.

Much like the sign outside of Hannaford supermarket that says “Have you remembered your reusable shopping bags?” (Which I usually don’t remember until I see that sign. I like to inform the cashiers that the sign should really be stationed in my driveway instead of the entrance to the store where my bags and I are miles apart already) my computer should flash the message “You are not connected to the internet”  as soon as I leave my office in advance of my needing it, so I would remember to rejoin the network, not after it is too late.

Alas, the trials and tribulations of life. At least know that you were spared having to read that post. Remember, be thankful for the little things.