We all want to feel needed. By someone at the very least. Be it our job that needs us, our friends that rely on us or our family who depends on us. It is a basic human emotion and one that we all need to be filled.
Recently I was away. Tom and the older two boys managed just fine without me. There weren’t any phone calls about where something was or how to cook this or do that. That makes me happy….but it also makes me sad.

On the positive side, It’s nice to know that if I drop dead tomorrow, life in our house will go on. The boys are old enough to make their own meals (or something that they consider a meal, I guess) and do laundry and most of those mundane normal tasks that take up so much of my life.

It’s sad however to think that my life and all its mundane simple day in and day out tasks are not missed while I am not here. Tom and the boys have had a great old time with the jokes, “more dishes since Mom is home” “stuff in the sink now that Mom is home” “we ate even when Mom wasn’t here”.

Makes a girl feel loved, doesn’t it?

Well, I guess on the bright side, I can plan to take some totally wonderful alone trip and leave them all behind since they have proved that they do so well without me and evidently my biggest contribution to the house is the mess I make when I’m home. A mess I might point out….that I clean.