We made a lunch run to drop trash off at the transfer station. We were gone 25 minutes tops. In that time, utter destruction ensued. My months of seed growing, my onions, scallions, leeks, lettuce and flowers which I had tended to so carefully over the past weeks was reduced to this

The most mature of the plants, including our berry bushes which I had transplanted were trampled.

As heart wrenching as this destruction to my pre-garden seedlings and plants is, even more disturbing is what caused our dog, which never has gone near the plants before –ever– to trample through the plants to get to the sliding door and whatever was on the other side of it — whatever it was caused the dog to go nuts and trample through the shelf with my plants on it to get to the door…..now I am off to clean up and salvage what remains there might be…..sniff, sniff.