I am going to preface this post by saying that I totally agree that what the man did was wrong, horrific and he will sit among some of the most horrifying murderers that have paved paths in history. I realize that our world was forever changed by his actions and our country suffered a national and personal tragedy on September 11, 2001. None of us will forget the horror, loss, sadness and despair that characterized that day and the days that followed for so many people that lost loved ones.  Was his death warranted? Was his death justified? Not a question.

That being said, am I the only one that feels a little odd that we as a nation, are reveling in the fact that we murdered someone? We are dancing in the streets and partying and celebrating the fact that we (our country’s special forces) killed someone. Isn’t that a little odd? We are celebrating the death of a mad, insane lunatic of an individual. We are celebrating, not unlike he and his followers who, I am sure, were dancing, singing and rejoicing when they destroyed buildings, planes and murdered thousands of our people in our country on September 11, 2001. Does this make us the same as them? They too celebrated death and murder and destruction that day.

As I read the stories in the newspapers and saw the pictures and video accounts, my stomach turned just a little. Yes, there is satisfaction in putting an end, hopefully, to the reign of terror and senseless killing that marked his way. But celebration? Partying in the streets? Thousands of people cheering and chanting? It honestly turned my stomach just a little. We didn’t dance in the streets like that for other reasons — true celebrations, celebrations of life — yet last night, many fled from homes, dorms and businesses onto the streets to celebrate….. a murder?