I have been derelict in posting over the past week or so. Things around here have been hectic. This is always a busy time of the year, and this year is no exception. Odyssey fundraising for Tim’s team has been in full swing, which means that non-work time is filled with Odyssey fundraising commitments or preparation or lots and lots of cooking. Last Friday we held our annual Pasta Night Dinner and in addition to making 8 lbs of baked ziti and 5 lbs of meatballs and homemade marinara sauce, I baked two chocolate cakes, which I must say didn’t turn out too bad as you can see for yourself.

Not to fear for those of you who may be reading this and drooling thinking “damn, I missed it”. Well, you did miss the Pasta Dinner but there is another chance for you since we will be having our second annual Silent Auction and Dessert Party on May 15th. Desserts to drool over –that is our goal (well, an hopefully buy too).

So, that has been keeping me busy as well as the Easter holidays where my family came to spend Easter with us. My brother and his family left only this morning, so it has been a busy, but fun weekend.

I love having my sister around since she is the Queen of Craftiness and she does all the Easter baskets for us.